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Sunday Best–August 16th, 2009

August 16, 2009


The best players in both leagues, by Power-Speed number.

Kinsler (TEX) 23.5
Granderson (DET) 21.4
Cruz (TEX) 20.2
Crawford (TBR) 19.6
Jeter (NYY) 17.1
Zobrist (TBR) 16.1
Rios (TOT) 16.1
Choo (CLE) 15.4
Bay (BOS) 15.3
Reynolds (ARI) 26.8
Kemp (LAD) 20.2
Ramirez (FLA) 19.2
Tulowitzki (COL) 18.2
Rollins (PHI) 18.2
Upton (ARI) 17.8
Phillips (CIN) 17.5
Pujols (STL) 17.1
Utley (PHI) 16.9
Werth (PHI) 16.9

A Nelson Cruz will be ordered from Sportlots. Last week’s order has not arrived yet, mostly because I did not place the order until Wednesday. Cruz will be featured again in an upcoming Sunday Best.

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