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Sunday Best–October 4th, 2009

October 4, 2009



Hitters Pitchers
Pujols 99.8 Cardinals Greinke 88.2 KC
Mauer 89 Twins Carpenter 69.2 Cardinals
Hanley Ramirez 80 Florida Sabathia 58.1 Yankees
Jeter 67.6 Yankees Lester 55.6 Red Sox
Utley 62.9 Phillies Jimenez 50.2 Rockies
Tulowitzki 60.8 Rockies Jered Weaver 49.5 Angels
Youkilis 52.9 Red Sox Wolf 49.2 Dodgers
Kemp 50.4 Dodgers Happ 47.5 Phillies
Morales 39.9 Angels Baker 32.2 Twins

The best hitters and pitchers on each playoff team, and the best hitter and pitcher not in the playoffs, by VORP. I flipped a coin for Minnesota/Detroit and Minnesota won. I’ll rescan on Tuesday if the coin flip proves wrong.

The Angels don’t have a single hitter over 40 VORP, but they have ten over 15.

I don’t have a single card of A.J. Happ, but I rode him pretty hard as a free-talent pickup in my Roto league. I will commemorate him with a purchase from Sportlots.

The Week’s Best

The best baseball and baseball card blog articles of the week (as voted on by a panel of one):

JayBee Anama displays some hard-to-find inserts from 2k6.
Dinged Corners goes off topic, and I gotta feeling it’s gonna be good good fun.
Mark’s Ephemera decorates a man-cave.
Night Owl breaks out the blender to relieve some stretch-drive frustration.

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  1. wickedortega permalink
    November 15, 2009 11:19 pm

    Do you own that Hanley xfractor?? If so would you be up for a trade??

    • skoormit permalink*
      November 15, 2009 11:26 pm

      In fact I do. I’d be happy to do a trade. Check my zistle collection (link is on the right). I’m always looking for dbacks.

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